3 Underground Strategies to Improve ANY Shopify Store’s Profitability

Amazon.com is a great example of this. For example, Amazon stores customers’ payment and shipping information from previous purchases so that customers do not have to re-input their information again to make future purchases. Some purchases can also be made instantly by clicking on the “Buy Now” call-to-action (CTA) button on a product page (usually featured below the ‘Add To Cart’ CTA button).

While not every product offer is subscription-friendly, there are creative ways to still offer a subscription on your store.

We covered this slightly in the previous paragraphs above. But it is worth mentioning again since so few brands are using this strategy. These can be bundled with your core physical product offers to create unique irresistible offers your competition does not have.

Information products can range from a digital whitepaper pdf, an ebook (or a physical book), or a full-fledged video training course on a specific topic that is relevant to the niche your store is in (ex. If you run a dog ecommerce brand catering to new dog owners, you may consider selling a dog video training course for new dog owners).

BONUS: Try adding an information product as a post-purchase upsell or cross-sell.

SUMMARY: If you’re looking to get an edge on your competition and be able to acquire more customers profitably in 2021 as your eCommerce store continues to grow, consider working on increasing your AOV and LTV.

Three ways you can do this are:

1) Reducing the friction in your sales funnel to increase conversion rates.

2) Adding subscription offers.

3) Selling information products.



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