4 Hidden Strategies That You Can Implement Today to Increase Your eCommerce Brand’s Conversion Rate

Have you ever considered the cost of NOT optimizing your eCommerce brand’s website product landing page(s)?

Let’s say your brand drives 100,000 unique monthly visitors from paid traffic to your website. You send your paid traffic directly to a product page that converts 2% of those website visitors (this is roughly around the standard eCommerce conversion rate).

But what if you doubled that conversion rate to 4%? (or possibly more) You would have effectively doubled your revenue per visitor while spending the same amount of marketing dollars on paid social media ads.

Not only that, you also drove your cost per customer acquisition down in half, allowing you to effectively spend more on paid ads to acquire more customers (and more customers means a bigger email list that you can drive recurring revenue and repeat buyers from).

1. Optimize the above-the-fold section of your product landing page on your eCommerce store.



- The primary benefits and/or USPs are outlined clearly and briefly with check marks or icons/illustrations

- There is some form of social proof. Showing the number of reviews (or customers) works well, as does displaying a customer testimonial.

- A distinct call to action button (i.e. Add to Cart) that visually stands out on the page

2. Incorporate user-generated content (UGC) video testimonials (or images if you do not have videos)

Social proof is paramount for building trust with new customers that are just learning about your brand and it’s product offerings.



3. Use an ‘Us vs. Them’ comparison table.



4. Use icons and/or illustrations to visually showcase your product’s unique benefits and USPs.





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